Journalism Department Receives Century Link Grant

By Olivia Barrows [Editor-in-Chief] On May 29, 2014, Olivia Barrows, Darcy Stanco, and Matt Diers accepted a $4,891 check from Century Link. This money was presented as part of a technology grant program. Barrows and Stanco compiled the grant proposal and plan on using the money to buy new DSLR cameras, a laptop, and other

Soundslide about Graduation

By Kierra Hall [Advertising Editor]  

Principal’s New Position

By Olivia Barrows [Editor-in-Chief] Principal Matt Diers has accepted the position as executive director of high schools for District 51. A search for a new principal will begin this week.

Energy Drinking

By Karissa Holcomb [Proofs/Index Editor]   It is common for teenagers in America to drink energy drinks. At first it was only intended for athletes but now everybody drinks it. Although many people drink energy drinks some people try to avoid it because of the health risk. There are many different types of energy drinks

Anthony’s Last Days of Journalism

By Kierra Hall and Megan Wethington [Ads and Organization Editors]  

Animal Rights

By Tiana Latshaw [Organization Editor] Mariah Kollasch, 11, has a strong opinion about animal rights and how animals get treated in factories. She only eats the meat she raises on her farm, which is chicken. She is a participant in 4H so she has multiple breeds of chickens, show chickens, food chickens, etc. She loves

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