Student Works With 3D Printer

By Katerina Geisler, Emily King, Edgar Corona, and Brenda OrnelasPorras “A 3D printer works by putting layers of plastic to make 3D models. So one little sheet of plastic will go on and then another little sheet of plastic until it layers up to build a 3D model,” said Kaleb Castleton (10) who’s dad teaches

Art Students Take Part in Road Roller Printing

Photos and story by Olivia Barrows [Editor-in-Chief] International Baccalaureate and advanced art students took part in the road roller printmaking event at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) on October 22, 2014 after being invited by Professor Josh Butler. Each student created a self-portrait by carving on woodblocks and at the road roller event; these panels were

School Responds to Threat

By Megan Wethington [Group Editor] In recent years, school wide shootings have become a real and serious problem. That’s why when a threat was made against Palisade High School, immediate action was taken. On Wednesday, September 24, the Palisade Police Department responded to a threat at Palisade High School. A student told another student to

Student Finds Expression In IB Art

Photo by Kat Geisler Story by Emily King [Staff Writer] “To me [art] means an aesthetically pleasing piece that has been created with technical skill and has meaning to either the viewer or maker of the art piece, but it doesn’t have to have all three,” said Talitha Costello (12), a dedicated member of Palisade

Football Players Go Back on the Field

By Megan Wethington [Group Editor], Shai Zellner [Staff Writer], Jordan Harrison [Staff Writer], and Alexis McCabe [Staff Writer] As school starts, some students are excited for classes while others are excited to be back on the football field. Saturday,  September 6 was the first home game as well as the first win; the score was

Student Shows Her School Spirit

By Megan Wethington [Group Editor], Shai Zellner [Staff Writer], Jordan Harrison [Staff Writer], and Alexis McCabe [Staff Writer] Palisade High School is anything but lacking in the school spirit department. Student sections at sporting events are always jam-packed full with loud, prideful bulldogs. But who gets our crowds fired up? Who encourages us to scream

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