Sports Injuries

By Megan Wethington [Editor] High school athletes are injured at about the same rate as professional athletes, but injuries that affect high school athletes are often different from those that affect adult athletes. A large reason this happens is because high school athletes are often still growing. Growth is generally uneven: Bones grow first, which

Springing into Spirit

By Ally Kissell and Leta Hanson [Staff] This year the 21st through the 25th was spring week. On Monday everyone was told to wear camo, Tuesday was College day, you wear your favorite College shirt. Wednesday was hippie day. Thursday was sports day, where you wear your favorite sports team apparel, and Friday is Bulldog

Knowledge and Hard Work Gets First Place

By Tiana Latshaw [Editor]                 Many students on the knowledge bowl team are also on the robotics team who go to competition right after knowledge bowl state championships. For junior Colin Kennedy who has been on the knowledge bowl team since his freshman year when a few friends asked him to join. “My friends asked

Knowledge Bowl Team Wins Division 4A State Title

By Olivia Barrows [Editor-in-Chief] Evan Atchison, 12, Bryce Atchison, 10, Colin Kennedy, 11,  Jordan Vickers, 10, Drew Remmenga, 10,  and Zephyr Lacey, 10, were the six students who competed on the Knowledge Bowl Team. They brought home the Division 4A State Title on April 18, 2014.

FCCLA Students Go to State Competition

By Olivia Barrows [Editor-in-Chief] Palisade students Karen Prather, 11, and Elizabeth Luna, 12, competed in the State FCCLA Competition which was held in Denver. Both of these students received Gold Medals for their work. According to advisor Linda Motz, they missed Nationals “just by a hair.”

ProStart Teams Compete

By Olivia Barrows [Editor-in-Chief] The ProStart management team which consisted of Megan Elliott, Taylor Schiller, Adrianna Mathisen, and Becca Aspy took 1st place in the ProStart competition on Saturday. This was a brand new event for both the team and for Ms. Linda Motz who supervises the team. The culinary team made of Megan Elliot,

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